Adler’s Den

Chocolate – the one dessert that envelopes the world, across cultures and regions does so not because of its inherent ingredients – but because of the underlying sentiment shared by everyone, everywhere.

Chocolates make the world go round – not for the sugar rush or the buttery cocoa but because they symbolize affection and thoughtfulness.

But can the experience of making, gifting, and indulging in this cocoa-drenched sweet indulgence go that extra mile? After 6 years in the corporate sector, armed with the experience of an MBA degree from NMIMS and the lifetime experience of helping her father in the family food processing business based out of Delhi,

Shweta decided to combine these two forces with her instinctive drive for revolutionizing the chocolate-making industry, one home at a time. With the technical expertise ploughed at the Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy, she launched her boutique chocolaterie and gourmet foods company in 2012.

As a cauldron of chocolaterie secrets, the company takes its name after Irene Adler, the woman who could outsmart the best detective in the world, Sherlock Holmes. Adler’s Den, today is a kaleidoscope of artisan chocolates and delectable desserts, which include truffles, brownies, mendiants, rochers, fudges,

tuiles, exotic dry fruits and flavored nuts. Our precision in hitting the sweet spot for customising desserts and evoking sensorial pleasure right from the packaging to suit the occasion and the recipient perfectly is our signature and USP. Our array of happy individual and corporate customers are the feathers on our head – or the cocoa beans in our pod!